The Company recognizes its role, duty and responsibility in practicing good corporate governance and believes that corporate governance determines the structure of the relationships among the shareholders, the Board of Directors, management and all stakeholders. The aim of good corporate governance is to increase competitive edge and value for shareholders in the long term, as well as increase the benefits to the other stakeholders, which will ensure the Company's continuous and sustainable growth.

The Board of Directors plays many significant roles; one of those roles is to ensure good corporate governance as assigned to the President and management, which will comply with corporate governance policies approved by the Board of Directors and the guidelines set by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Company stays abreast of any new regulations that have been put into practice and adjusts the Company's practices to comply with such regulations.

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1. Articles Of Association 68.3 kb
2. Code of Conduct and Whistleblower Policy 3.06 mb
3. Corporate information disclosure Policy 1.35 mb
4. Fraud Prevention and anti-corruption Policy 624 kb
5. Corporate Governance Policy 1.35 mb
6. Policy and Guidelines on Human Rights 352 kb
7. Policy on Non-Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights 524 kb
8. Supervision of Inside Information Usage Policy 856 kb
9. Memorandum of Association 121 kb
10. Risk Management Policy 856 kb