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Company Facts

1. General Information
Type of Business Health Care Business
Industry Services
Location 2 Soi Soonvijai 7, New Phetchburi Road, Bangkapi,
Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10320
Telephone: 1719, 02-310-3000
Fax: 02-310-3252, 02-310-3327
Company Registration Number Bor.Mor.Jor. 0107537000025
Registered Capital Baht 1,649.79 million with Baht 1,549.09 million
in paid-up capital, divided into 15,490.96 million common shares
with par value of Baht 0.1 each
Rating Senior debt rated AA-/Stable by TRIS
2. Financial Information
Consolidated Assets Baht 120,263 million as of March 2017
Consolidated Shareholders' equity Baht 57,696 million as of March 2017
Ranking Largest private hospital operator in Thailand in terms of revenues from patient services and market capitalization
3. Operations as of March 2017
3.1. Healthcare Business
Hospital Operated By Number of beds % of Holding
Bangkok Hospital Group
Bangkok Hospital Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL. 343  
Bangkok Heart Hospital Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL. 97  
Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL. 48  
Bangkok Hospital Chinatown Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL. 59  
Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL. 60  
Bangkok Hospital Prapradang Bangkok  Prapradang Hospital Co., Ltd 60 84.0%
Bangkok Hospital Sanamchan Bangkok Hospital Sanamchan Co., Ltd 200 100%
Bangkok Hospital  Pattaya Bangkok  Pattaya Hospital Co., Ltd 400 97.3%
Bangkok Hospital  Rayong Bangkok  Rayong Hospital Co., Ltd 220 100%
Bangkok  Hospital Chantaburi Wattanavej Co., Ltd. 170 99.7%
Bangkok Hospital Trat Bangkok Trat Hospital Co., Ltd. 114 99.8%
Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima Co., Ltd. 180 91.4%
Bangkok Hospital Pakchong Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima Co., Ltd. 31 91.4%
Bangkok Hospital Udon Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL. 120 100%
Bangkok Hospital Khon Kaen Bangkok Khon Kaen Hospital Co., Ltd. 140 100%
Bangkok Hospital Phitsanulok
Ratanavej Hospital (Children Hospital)
Bangkok Hospital Phitsanulok Co., Ltd. 195 100%
Bangkok Hospital Chiangmai Bangkok Hospital Chiangmai Co., Ltd. 181 100%
Bangkok Hospital Samui Bangkok Samui Hospital Co., Ltd. 52 100%
Bangkok Hospital Phuket Bangkok Phuket Hospital Co., Ltd. 266 99.7%
Bangkok Hospital Had Yai Bangkok Had Yai Hospital Co., Ltd. 200 98.8%
Samitivej Group
Samitivej Sukumvit Hospital Samitivej PCL.  (SVH) 275 95.8%
Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital Samitivej PCL.  (SVH) 400 95.8%
Samitivej Sriracha Hospital Samitivej Sriracha Co., Ltd. 184 69.8%
Samitivej Thonburi  Hospital Thonburi Medical Center PCL. 150 63.5%
Samitivej Chonburi Hospital Samitivej Chon Buri Co., Ltd. 220 100%
BNH Hospital BNH Medical Center Co., Ltd. 144 91.5%
Royal Hospital Group
Royal Angkor Hospital Angkor Pisith Co., Ltd. 30 80.0%
Royal Phonm Penh Hospital Phnom Penh Medical Services Co., Ltd. 100 100%
Phyathai Hospital Group (Shares held through Prasit Patana PCL which is a subsidiary in which the Company holds 98.54%)
Phyathai 1 Hospital Phyathai 1 Hospital Co., Ltd. 350 100%
Phyathai 2 Hospital Phyathai 2 Hospital Co., Ltd. 260 99.2%
Phyathai 3 Hospital Phyathai 3 Hospital Co., Ltd. 240 98.2%
Phyathai Hospital Nawamin Thai Medical Center PCL. 140 99.8%
Phyathai Sriracha Hospital Phyathai Sriracha Hospital PCL. 350  74.4%
Paolo Hospital Group
Paolo Hospital Phaholyothin Paolo Medic Co., Ltd. 300 100%
Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn Paolo Samut Prakran Co., Ltd. 200 93.6%
Paolo Hospital Chokchai 4 Siam Medical Co., Ltd. 148 85.7%
Paolo Hospital Rangsit Paolo Medic Co., Ltd. 150 100%
Paolo Hospital Kaset Paolo Medic Co., Ltd. 162 100%
Community Hospitals
Thepakorn Hospital Thepakorn Hospital Company Limited 100 44.5%
Phuket International Hospital Bangkok Phuket International Hospital Co., Ltd. 151 100%
Muang Petch Hospital Bangkok Hospital Sanamchan Co., Ltd. 255 100%
Sri Rayong Hospital Bangkok Rayong Hospital Co., Ltd 195 100%
Dibuk Hospital Bangkok Phuket Hospital Co., Ltd. 100 100%
Muangraj Hospital Bangkok Hospital Muangraj Co., Ltd. 125 100%
Total number of BDMS beds   7,865  
Investment in Other Hospitals (Company has not managed)
Aek Udon International Hospital Udon Pattana (1994) Co., Ltd. 350 25.1%
(Company held directly  15.3% and held through PPCL 9.8%)
Ramkamhaeng Hospital Ramkamhaeng Hospital PCL. 300 38.2%
Bumrungrad Hospital Bumrungrad Hospital PCL. 538 20.5%
3.2. Businesses Related to Medical Services
Ref. Nature of Business Operated By % of holding
1 Manufacture of medicine, saline solutions and medical supplies A.N.B. Laboratory Co., Ltd.
(Held trough Royal Bangkok Healthcare Co., Ltd., which is the company subsidiary wholly own)
The Medicpharma Co., Ltd. 87.1%
Gerneral Hospital Product PCL 44.7%
2 Pharmaceutical Save Drug Co., Ltd. (Held through Bangkok Save Drug Co., Ltd which is the Company subsidiary own 100%) 100%
3 Medical Lab and Shared Services
 (Central Procurement)
National Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd. 100%
4 Bio Molecular Lab Bio-Molecular Laboratories (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 95.0%
5 Information and technology for Company and the subsidiaries Shared service Greenline Synergy Co.,Ltd.(GLS) 100%
6 Medical Evacuation Bangkok Helicopter Services Co., Ltd 100%
7 Marketing and promotion support company and the subsidiaries Cool & Joy Co., Ltd. 30.0%
8 Catering and General support for company and the subsidiaries Irving Sheridan SE Co., Ltd.
(Held through Samitivej PLC., which is the Company subsidiary )
First Health Food Co., Ltd.
(held through Samitivej PLC., which is the Company subsidiary )
9 Land holding company in Cambodia S.R. Property Investment Co., Ltd. 49.0%
Siem Reap Land Investment Co., Ltd. 49.0%
Phnom Penh First Property Co., Ltd 49.0%



Healthcare Business (Holding Company)

Royal Bangkok Healthcare Co., Ltd. 100%
BDMS Inter Pts. Ltd. (Singapore) 100%
N Health Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) 100%
N Health Cambodia Pte. Ltd (Cambodia) 100%
11 Training BDMS Training Co., Ltd. 100%
12 Health Insurance Bangkok Health Insurance Co., Ltd. 100%
Bangkok Premier Life Insurance Co., Ltd. 100%
13 Accounting Services BDMS Accounting Co., Ltd. 100%
4. Reference Information
Security Registrar Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd.
4th Floor, Stock Exchange of Thailand Building
62 Ratchadaphisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Telephone: 02-229-2800, 02-654-5599
Fax: 02-359-1259
Bond Registrar TMB Bank Public Company Limited.
10th Floor, 393 Silom Road, Silom,
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Telephone: 02-230-5878, 02-230-5756
Fax: 02-230-6093
Bond Representative KasikornBank Public Company Limited.
Securities Service Department
400/22 Kasikorn Bank Building, 11th Fl., Paholyotin Road
Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400
Telephone: 02-470-1952, 02-470-3687
Fax: 02-470-3684
Auditor EY Office Limited (formerly known as Ernst & Young Office Co., Ltd.)
33rd Floor, Lake Rajada Building
193/136-137 Ratchadaphisek Road
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Telephone: 02-661-9190, 02-264-0777
Fax: 02-661-9192, 02-264-0789-90